About Cleburne Economic Development Foundation

     The Cleburne Industrial Development Foundation, Inc., a non-profit industrial development organization, was founded on April 25, 1963 by a group of Cleburne business leaders. These business leaders had a basic common goal – to bring jobs and capital investment to Cleburne. Initial funding was donated by local banks, utilities, businesses and individuals who shared the vision of the new organization. In 1991, Cleburne Industrial Development Foundation changed its name to Cleburne Economic Development Foundation, Inc. to better identify and align with its mission and objectives for the future.   

     CEDF maintains an active membership of approximately 250 members since first created. Membership is open to the public for a nominal membership fee. It is governed by an elected Board of Directors and Officers represented by a cross section of the community. Its Executive Committee and Board of Directors is comprised of business and industry leaders, city officials, county officials, Cleburne ISD’s Superintendent and Chamber of Commerce President.

     The CEDF mission statement is to improve the quality of life in Cleburne. The goals and objectives are to recruit new industry to the city, assist in expansions of existing business and strive to retain existing industry while creating jobs and increasing the tax base for the local taxing entities. These activities will increase wealth in the community, improving quality of life directly by increasing disposable incomes and indirectly by supporting the development of residential, commercial and other sectors of the local economy.

     The organization has been very successful. According to the Central Appraisal District of Johnson County, the tax rolls indicate the assessed values of industrial properties are near approximately 38% of the overall assessed values for all in the City of Cleburne. It is estimated that the 50 or more industries in Cleburne, now provide about 5,000 jobs of the 13,647 or 37% of the total workforce in Cleburne. This large amount of industrial tax base helps keep tax rates lower for the residential, retail, commercial and institutional property owner in the city.  


Justin Hewlett , President

Dan Taylor, Vice President 

Jerry Cash, Executive Director

Landy Bennett, Past President

Jerry Wheatley, Treasurer

Mark Hines, Legal Counsel



Jerry Cash - Executive Vice President
Presley Cash-- Secretary

Contact us:
1511 W. Henderson St.
PO Box 55
Cleburne, Tx 76033-0055
Phone: 817-645-8644
Email: cedsec@cleburne.net